Sound and video are a major part of any church today. These systems can range from great to small. Each one, if not designed and installed properly, will cause major headaches for the presenter as well as the audience. What message will your attendee go away with? Will it be an uplifted spirit or a "never come back" attitude?
Dynamic Sights n Sounds has over 25 years experience designing and installing systems. Our best installations come from the times that we can work with the architect during the design of the building. As the plans are drawn, the electrical and mechanical requirements for the A/V systems are incorporated. For sound system design, we use Ease software to model the room to determine if there will be any acoustical issues.
Our video experience can be used for computer and projection systems to broadcast quality cameras and control systems.  The most important part of any system is training. We do not consider the job complete until adequate training has occurred! Contact us now to understand how we can help you!


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