What kind of computer do I need to install the software?

Any computer running Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 software with a high-speed broadband or other Internet connection will do. You'll need to dedicate this PC exclusively to playing out your content.

Can I use any digital display device?

Yes, you can attach any display to our players, including plasmas, LCDs, projectors and video walls, provided an appropriate video card is specified. Screens can be any resolution and can be in portrait or landscape format. You can attach multiple screens to each player, although they will all show the same content. You need a different player for each 'channel' of content.

Can I change the layout of content on the screens?

Yes, most software allows screen layouts to be scheduled with your playlists, meaning you can change the look of your screens by location, time and day. Most software supports multiple zones in each layout the main dynamic content controlled by the playlists within Network Edition, a scrolling text ticker that can be updated easily via the software portal, and a third zone containing HTML or XML content. Alternatively, it is easy to design your own customised screen layouts, for example to incorporate RSS feeds or corporate logos. Ask for our White Paper for information on how to do this.

Can I play 'live' content on the screens?

Yes, simply take your XML data from your data source (such as a database), incorporate the data within a webpage in your desired layout, then schedule that webpage to appear in your playlists. Or create a customised screen layout with the XML data in a content zone.

Can I include live video feeds in playlists?

Yes, it is possible to schedule a feed from a live video source, such as tv, within your playlists. This requires some additional hardware and a signal to be fed to each player, but we can advise you on how to set this up.

Can I trial the software before making a decision to purchase?

Most software companies have a demo that can be downloaded from the web. It will be an abbreviated version or will expire within a set number of days.

Frequently Asked Questions
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