Before the curtain goes up, thousands are waiting for the show.  Keep them entertained and promote additional shows, specials, and events? Use intelligent digital signage to broadcast your message to guests at the box office, at the concession stands and while they are already in their seats!
Upcoming Events
Tell event guests about the newest bands, theater, and other shows at your venue.  Give a preview of upcoming attractions, boost ticket sales, as well as sell ad time to local businesses to generate additional revenue.

Tailored Advertising
Targeting your advertisements to the audience you have in the house is simple-just schedule those promotions to display tonight, and different promotions to display tomorrow.

Instant Updates
Content can be updated instantly on any screen at any time, so you can display concession specials in the lobby, ticket specials at the box office, and even sell custom messaging on the displays for proposals, birthdays and other special announcements.

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