Between regular guests, receptions, conferences, and other events, today's hotels need to provide more information than regular staff can handle. Broadcast check-in information, meeting times, and upcoming events, as well as sell advertising to area businesses to promote local attractions to guests and generate additional revenue.

Real-time Information Updates and Publishing
Utilizing built-in content management and scheduling tools, inform customers about upcoming events and scheduling changes, increase customer awareness of various services offered by the hotel, advertise restaurant, spa, lounge and shop specials to direct customers to the location, and target messages based on time of day.

Increase Sales of Products and Services
Take advantage of increased exposure and advertise rate specials, shop and restaurant sales, spa discounts, and special services such as the business center.

Revenue Generation Opportunities
Two separate revenue generation opportunities become available. First is closer business relationships with neighboring businesses by exchanging ad space on the network for referrals. Second opportunity is sales of ad space.
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