Sound Solutions is proud to represent these two manufacturers that provide outstanding products. The combination of these products provide a background music system that is unbelievable.

Quebbie is the first and only fully integrated music system available in the United States.

The Quebbie Single room and multi-room systems are built with the idea of ease of use and the flexibility. Each individual client can choose the type of music they desire.

Quebbie is not dependent on the use of satellites or phone lines, both of which can cause frequent music interruptions. The system connects easily to any existing sound system.

The Bose Freespace E4 System provides the ultimate in sound distribution, amplification and paging. The four-channel digital signal processor and 400 watt amplifier make this the choice for business music applications.

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Background Music Systems that are perfect for:
Restaurants, Hotels, Nightclubs, Shopping Centers,  Mall Complexes, Resorts, Churches, Airports, Health Clubs, Fitness Centers, Spas, Stadiums, Arenas, Specialty Shops, Country Clubs, Office Complexes, Bars & Lounges, Day Care, Bowling Centers, Auto Dealers, Hospitals, Convention Centers and more.

Quebbie Features:

Initial music library includes over 6,000 songs
Up to 10,000 Song storage capacity
Single or Multi-Zone Systems available
Monthly updates include over 150 new songs
LCD Touch Screen for easy use
Fully searchable music library
Over 60 different music categories
Effortlessly create custom play lists for groups, special occasions, VIP's, etc
Personalized promo's program for specials or events
Programmable Timer to set music and promos for specific dates and times
Plugs into existing audio system or Bose Freespace E-4 System

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